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This site is managed by the First Rear Commodore, and the Technology Supervisor at Monmouth Boat Club in Red Bank NJ, USA.

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2017 Race Committee Organization

  1. Race Committee must consist of 2 boats and 4 qualified people.
    • The RC boat (Alert) must have a minimum 2 people on board (max 4), the PRO and scorer/timer on board. 
    • Everyone on the RC boat & chase/support boat must be able and willing to assist with the race course, racers or any boat which needs assistance on the river.
    • The chase/support boat must have 2 qualified people, who are willing and able to drop & pick up marks. Additionally, this will include assisting racing boats/sailors, moving course marks and generally coordinating with the RC boat/PRO all race needs.
    • Both boats must have working radios and be in constant contact with each other.
  2. Fleet Captain responsibilities- Each fleet captain is responsible to fill the needs for race committee as posted on the yearly schedule. The schedule is available on the RC board and the MBC website.
    • Fleets hosting a regatta or any event will assume the responsibility of RC and their regatta needs. There may be times were a regatta or an event coincides with a series event. The regatta/event fleet will assume responsibility for the RC for the day. If 2 separate courses are needed, there will be separate fleets responsible for each event.
    • A clipboard will be available for sign up on the RC board in the pine room.
    • Fleet captains are required to send their RC list to the 1st Rear Commodore, no later than Thursday, prior to the next event.
    • When a skipper and crew are conducting RC and they miss racing, they will be awarded an average score for the race they missed, in the current series. (This will not be true for a specific regatta.
  3. Spring Training will include:
    • Race Management Training - US SAIL course
    • RC Training-Local MBC Knowledge
    • Boat Safety Certification and Boat Handling –US Coast Guard Auxiliary - May 13,2017
    • Dates and details to follow.

 Please contact Jackie Hall at jhall1870@gmail.com with any questions.